Our new initiative to fight tech support scams

This might not be a perfect fit for /r/antivirus, but I think it’s a unique initiative which can make a real impact.

Inspired by the recent FTC effort to target tech support scams, we decided to launch an effort of our own.

Our initiative aims to mass-report search results of fake tech support to Google and to other large websites targeted by this type of scam.

An orchestrated effort like this is bound to be more successful than occasional reports by a few people.

We collected a list of thousands of these results, and any one that we can remove would assist in the fight against fake tech support scams.

You can sign up here, and once the list reaches critical mass we’ll start emailing you search results and web pages for reporting.

Join our effort to fight web-spam that advertises fake tech support!

And if you like this idea, please share it.

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