Even a Sudo’d McAfee is Still preventing Avast Installation

Wouldn’t make a text post unless I felt truly out of options. Uninstalled McAfee from my 10.13 iMac because it wasn’t working anyway. After avast installation wouldn’t work, sudo’d the mcafee file , restarted my machine, and everything. Went to install Avast—and it still won’t even attempt to run the installer because it is still detecting McAfee on my machine. I no longer have an uninstaller for McAfee—and McAfee does not have a free service from which I can install and then uninstall everything again from (and even if they did, I don’t see how doing the same thing again would do anything differently anyway). I’ve literally gone through every finder extension that it was suggested that file components can be lurking in and wiped them clean. Restarted my computer a total of six times. Avast is still saying McAfee is on my machine.

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