Mysterious Iranian group is hacking into DNA sequencers


Web-based DNA sequencer applications are under attack from a mysterious hacker group using a still-unpatched zero-day to take control of targeted devices.

The attacks have started two days ago, on June 12, and are still going on, according to Ankit Anubhav, a security researcher with NewSky Security, who shared his findings with ZDNet.

Hackers planting shells on DNA sequencer web apps

Anubhav says the group, which operates from an Iran-based IP address, has been scanning the internet for dnaLIMS, a web-based application installed by companies and research institutes to handle DNA sequencing operations.

The researcher told ZDNet the hacker is exploiting CVE-2017-6526, a vulnerability in dnaLIMS that has not been patched to this day after the vendor was notified back in 2017.

Anubhav says the attackers are using this vulnerability to plant shells that allow them to control the underlying web server from remote locations.

Attack motives unknown

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