Recommend Antivirus/Anti-malware for existing problem?

I have a Lenovo z570 laptop. 64 bit, windows 7. I think I picked up a virus or something evil from free truck stop internet. It’s used for business applications, no gaming.

Before I go the full route of erasing everything and starting over, I’m going to see if I can “fix” it with antivirus that’s better than what I have ..which is free Avast.

Why do I think I have an infected laptop? My wifi, cd drive both stopped working at the time I connected at the truck stop but it does work if connected to Ethernet. I’ve lost all my system restore points prior to this event. I tried to connect a WiFi dongle…no luck.

So, what I’d like to know if anyone can recommend something I can buy and run to see if it’s possible to straighten this problem out. I’m looking at various antivirus programs and was kinda leaning towards Webroot Complete Internet Security but I’d like someone else’s input. I would really like to know what somebody else thinks.



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