Very strange behaviour, seems like a virus

This is on Windows 10. A few months ago my PC started blaring words from the speakers. Sometimes it sounded random and sometimes it was saying slurs like the n word. I swear to god I am not joking.

It sounded exactly like the text to speech voice you can activate on Windows but this wasn’t triggered by anything, I was just reading Twitter I think. I couldn’t get it to stop so I just restarted my PC. When I turned it back on I ran Windows Defender and Malware Bytes and they both said the computer was clean.

However recently it has been happening again. Seemingly at random times. Sometimes it’ll go on without stopping, saying the same word in a loop and sometimes it’ll just say a couple words then be silent for weeks. Sometimes the words are unrecognisable and sometimes they are obvious swears and slurs.

I have no idea what’s happening or why a virus would do this but would appreciate any help in identifying/removing the problem. I’ll try to answer any questions about the system or circumstances. Thank you.

EDIT: It was Discord. Some random guy on a server I’m on has been fucking with everyone on the sever for months intermittently. Apparently you can make text to speech messages for a whole server and they are allowed by default. Thank you to everyone that helped, I appreciate it.

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