Is malware Bytes still the best free antivirus software?

Malwarebytes + windows defender is a really good combination, make sure you disable Malwarebytes free trial and only use the FREE version, (you can buy premium to support the creators just don’t use live protection on malware bytes) make sure you protect all folders in windows defender, enable everything protection wise and you should be good, use adgaurd on google chrome just so advertisements can’t try to install malware, use virustotal if your unsure about running a file or not and use virustotal to also check links and yea, that should be you set up! Update windows regularly aswell and don’t run random stuff as administrator, only things like java setup should be ran as administrator and not your games etc and don’t go on questionable stuff like porn because that can also get you malware and remember just because you have two great pieces of anti-malware/antivirus it doesn’t mean you can feel like your 100% safe and run random programs because common sense will always be better then protection programs

^ that is what you should be doing if you have any knowledge on computers and if your not good with computers consider practicing safe computing

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