Chinese man arrested after making $1.6 million from selling VPN services

VPNImage: Danny144 on Pixabay, ZDNet

Chinese authorities are continuing their crackdown against sellers of unauthorized and unregistered VPN software inside the country’s borders, especially against VPN services that are advertised as capable of bypassing the country’s Great Firewall technology.

Arrests have been going since mid-2017, but Chinese authorities appear to have landed their biggest catch at the end of 2019.

According to a report from Litchi News, Chinese police from the city of Taizhou have arrested a 29-year-old man that they claim has made a fortune by selling VPN services.

The suspect, identified only by the pseudonym of Gao, operated a VPN service to bypass the country’s Great Firewall since mid-2016.

The service was extremely successful, according to the report, which claims that Gao made more than $1.6 million (11 million Chinese yuan) from renting access to VPN servers to more than 28,000 regular customers.

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