BrandPost: Creating a Zero Trust Foundation

To prevent security breaches and data loss, organizations have directed a lot of time, effort, and capital spend toward security initiatives. Even the most advanced “next generation” application layer firewalls filtering malicious traffic at the network perimeter have only revealed equal if not greater threats within. To help counter this internal threat, organizations have invested heavily in internal monitoring and other advanced security controls that inspect traffic at all layers of the OSI stack to identify malicious activity and stop it before it reaches the destination, or to issue an alert on the activity alone. 

While these initiatives have been helpful, they rely on a connection first being malicious or a trigger on a pre-established set of criteria before any bells and whistles sound or prevention techniques are applied. By throwing more technology and controls at the problem, networks have become a chaotic mess of watchers, gatekeepers, and agents as more and more technologies and controls are thrown into it, with legitimate business traffic trying to navigate its way to through it all. Yet breaches are still occurring at an alarming rate – leaving organizations looking to a different approach. 

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