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India Golden Triangle Tour is one of the most happening tour packages in the country that covers the three major cities. The famous being Delhi Agra Jaipur trip, the most traveled destinations are a quintessential introduction to the rich heritage of India. The triangular shape formed by the locations gives it a name as the golden triangle tour.

Cities Laced With Fairy Tale Palaces and Tranquil Temples

The golden triangle tour packages can be carried from various cities of the country. Golden Triangle With Pushkar Tour is one of the most famous tours and popular for its attractions like festivals, camel fairs and Lord Brahma temple. Pushkar is a vibrant town and has much to offer to its guests. The fair connects the devotees from all over the world and brings them together for collective participation in various activities.

Mumbai is a city filled with modern facilities having a traditional background. The Golden Triangle with Mumbai Tour is one of the most fascinating destinations one can opt for. Optima Travels can make your trips special by adding the Mumbai tour as the city is entitled as the “City of dreams”.  It is popular for being the heart and soul of the Bollywood film industry. The city is packed with a bag full of surprises for its guests who enjoy the enriching experience. You are spoilt for choice as the city offers nerve-wrenching adventures. You find a wide array of restaurants to give a feast to your taste-buds. Get to unravel the endless modern amenities of Maya Nagri in style.

The Foremost Cultural Highlights of Enriching Cities

Khajuraho is a city famous for its erotic sculptures and strikingly beautiful temples. The Golden Triangle with Khajuraho Tour is certainly one of the most thrilling experiences you can get in the best way. This is again one of the immensely preferred destinations amongst the travelers. Khajuraho is a small town with little luxury amenities yet takes very good care of its guests. Most of the houses are converted into shops, restaurants, and budget hotels. The light show in the evening is amazing.

If you want to get indulged in the diversified culture of India at one go, then the Golden Triangle with Varanasi Tour is the one for you. Varanasi is a city that most people have the craving for the spiritual quest. Every nook and corner of the city houses some temples connected with interesting facts and exquisite architecture. Ghats are the major attractions, each famous for some legend.

The Golden Triangle with Udaipur Tour can be truly inspirational and enriching. The triangle comprises Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Udaipur. Udaipur, the city of lakes enhances the charm making it more aspiring. This is a perfect trip for travel enthusiasts who want to explore the best of rich heritage blended with leisure.

The Golden Triangle with Goa Tour takes you to the exotic beaches with white sands and sparkling waters. Churches and cathedrals are unmatchable.  This tour also covers the three iconic cities of the country Delhi Agra and Jaipur. It is popular among local and international travelers. This place serves you with a perfect holiday cocktail.

Optima Travels is a company that guarantees you a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday experience to cherish forever. You can feel free to place your trust and confidence in us. We assure you to maintain our best-in-class services without disturbing your budget. Our skilled professionals put endeavors to set some standard to keep you in high spirits. Our Luxury Golden Triangle Tour is meant for those who are travel freaks and crave the highlights and charm that the place has to offer. Your component of the itinerary can be modified as per your budget and interest. So, lean back and relax to enjoy the best-organized tours and take home some unforgettable memories to cherish in the future.

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Have A Sneek Peek at the Luxury Golden Triangle Tour Packages

The golden triangle tour refers to the 3 most iconic cities of India. These tours are designed in such a way that the tourists get a complete introduction to the place in very little time. The destinations covered are amazing and help you to take a dip into the highlights of Indian history with an array of information. The duration may range from 3 to 15 days as per your desire to explore the cities. Golden Triangle with Varanasi tour can give you a great experience if connected with Optima Trav

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The Ultimate Guide for a Trip to Northern India: Golden Triangle with Varanasi Tour

India is a very vast and diverse country with a lot to see and that can be a little overwhelming for some travelers. That is why it is easy to book a tour guide to visit places in India. Here is a list of tours to opt for in northern India: Ayodhya Tour Packages Ayodhya is the religious center for Hindus. It is the birthplace of Lord Ram and therefore you will see a lot of temples around here. Ayodhya has around 2000 temples and each of them worth visiting. Ayodhya Tourism will make y

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Places to Visit in Northern India: The Golden Triangle Tour 3 Days

Varanasi Tour Varanasi is the cultural capital of India which is located in Uttar Pradesh. Visiting Varanasi is a must if you are coming to India. There are many Varanasi tour packages available to make your trip memorable. This spiritual capital has a lot to offer. The city attracts many Hindu pilgrims daily because it is situated near the Ganges River which is considered to be sacred. There are around 2000 temples to visit in Varanasi. Kashi Vishwanath is among the most popular ones

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