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Have A Sneek Peek at the Luxury Golden Triangle Tour Packages

Optima Travels


The golden triangle tour refers to the 3 most iconic cities of India. These tours are designed in such a way that the tourists get a complete introduction to the place in very little time. The destinations covered are amazing and help you to take a dip into the highlights of Indian history with an array of information. The duration may range from 3 to 15 days as per your desire to explore the cities. Golden Triangle with Varanasi tour can give you a great experience if connected with Optima Travels. This tour allows you to explore Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur along with the divine city of Varanasi.

Uncover Enigmatic Wonders in North India 

Varanasi is a captivating city with high-class traditional and religious values. This city offers spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. This is the best city to connect you with your spiritual side. Golden triangle tour packages are packed with hidden gems and hotspots. You get a chance to soak up the ambiance of this divine city on a sunrise cruise.

Varanasi travel guide gives you a deep insight into this mystical city if you are not familiar with it. A visit to the ghats and taking a boat ride along the Ganga River at sunrise or sunset is a quintessential experience in Varanasi. Ganga Arti, Benarasi silk saris, Chats, paan, and bajra rides are a few more must-haves once you visit the place.

If you have a time crunch and want to make the most of your weekends, you can take 3 days golden triangle tour and make it flexible as per your requirement. A dedicated guide can show you the highlights of all three cities that you can take home some signature memories.

The classical Varanasi tour takes you to encounter the hubs of Indian heritage and culture covering some of the most renowned destinations of the country. Golden Triangle with Khajuraho Varanasi tour promises you the world-famous heritage site of the most erotic shrines and temples of Khajuraho. The temples are the perfect example of fine carving in stones. Khajuraho is a small town yet got a lot more to offer. It is also famous for its legendary dance festival.

Golden Triangle with Goa tour is one of the most-visited trips among domestic and international visitors. This tour comprises Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur but the twist is that Goa is also added to it. Goa is the most frequented hotspot, especially during the New Year. It is famous for lively beach parties, splendid music, and classic cuisine. 

Good reasons to travel privately

If you want to enjoy your holidays thoroughly then undoubtedly you cannot do it without the travel planners. Optima Travels is the best organizer companies that can help you explore the places in high spirit. We have a network of connections with the best of hotels, restaurants, transportation, and assistance in any corner of the country. We make it a point not to burn a hole in your pocket and provide a provision to control your itinerary in the best possible way. 24X7 hours of service and trained experts to assist you at every step makes us special in the industry. We introduce many innovative packages that have made us earn awards from the Indian government. We are a specialty in organizing golden triangle tour 4 days highlighting all the major spots smartly. Our vehicles are well-maintained with an attractive interior and road-friendly to provide a smooth and hassle-free ride. So, what are you waiting for, stack up all your worries and put them on the last bench, and get in touch with us soon for a memorable experience you can cherish life-long.


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