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  2. Characters are a prominent part of games as their objectives and designs are the ones that convince the gamer to play the game. Nowadays, the developers need to comprise the game with a fascinating and relatable character. Here in the blog, we are focusing mainly on 10 best game characters that arose in 2019. The list totally depends upon the popularity and the rating of the game. Read the whole blog and check on which number your favorite character lie on. Source Link: https://mcafeecomactivate334980539.wordpress.com/2019/12/06/10-best-2019-video-game-characters/ mcafee.com/activate| mcafee.com/activate
  3. This is not a post regarding Anti Spyware for Mac and Android. Please post articles or news regarding the purpose of the forum.
  4. The most popular streaming service throughout the world has led the showbiz business to a great extent. Netflix, the name remains trending in numerous discussions in every region of the world, although its growing demands increased its subscription as well as the strain on the app’s shoulders. The strain was intermittent by Network connectivity issues that the service faces nowadays. This Error is known to be the NW-2-5 Error and it signifies an issue that interrupts the streaming device to connect to Netflix. The devices most prone or facing this Error are smart TVs, PSs, and the Xbox. Source: https://mcafeecomactivate334980539.wordpress.com/2019/11/26/how-to-fix-netflix-error-nw-2-5/ mcafee.com/activate | mcafee.com/activate
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  6. Microsoft recently removed the limits on the number of devices on which some office 365 subscribers can install apps. The home office 365 users will not be restricted to the ten devices and won’t have a limit of one computer per subscriber. But the catch is that you can only be logged in to a max of five devices at once. You have to purchase the licensee of office 365 through the subscription model of Microsoft, and only then you’ll be able to use it on five different devices. And you can manage your subscription within the Microsoft account on the web and choose a different plan if you want to use if on more than five devices. Read More: Install Office 365
  7. If you are already using office 365 or Office 2016, but facing some issue, you may want to reinstall it in order to repair the Office installation, this post will show you to How to install Office 365 or office 2016 on your Windows 10 PC via your My Office Account web page.
  8. Windows users have used safe mode to search for the cause of many issues that exist on their computers. And the blue screen of death is no exception. You can solve blue screen error in windows 10 or the previous version using the safe mode. How to Use Safe mode in Windows? Follow these steps to safe mode. You can Go to Settings > Update & Recovery > Recovery. Under Advanced Startup, pick Restart Now. Wait for the Advanced Startup Options screen to appear. Click the Troubleshoot option. On the next screen, click Startup Settings. Click Restart to boot to Safe Mode. For more details related to this issue. You can visit here now: Fix HP Laptop Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10?
  9. HP print and scan doctor is used to resolve the problem on your HP printer, it will resolve all the problems you are facing with your printer while printing the documents. You can download HP print and scan doctor from the official HP website or from a third-party website. But, I won’t recommend downloading it from any external website because of security reasons. So, go to the official website and look for the HP print and scan doctor download link. Once you find the link, click on it to download it to your computer. Now, you have to go to the downloads folder and open the installer you just downloaded to install the program to your system Once your program is installed, you can start scanning or issues present on your system. It will resolve all those issues seamlessly without any hiccups.
  10. Still, your Microsoft office application is not responding. then you need to re-download the program from the Microsoft Office download center. On the download page. Follow the given steps to re-download office 365. You can visit here Microsoft.com/office/downloads to access the Microsoft Office Download Center. Ways to Unlock the temporarily locked Yahoo mail account Click the "Select" for the Microsoft Office version for which you have the product key. Enter the product key and select your language. In the last part, enter the six-character verification code from the given image. And now, Click the "Submit" button and go to the download page. Click the "Download" if the download doesn't start automatically after a few seconds. Once you have successfully downloaded the software application to your system, run the installation program for use. Set up Microsoft Word from your PC and enter the 25-character product key again when prompted. When the software is authenticated, you can begin creating Word documents again. After following these steps to Re-Download Microsoft Office 365 you have any doubt related to this then, you can visit here now because here is provide complete details to Re-Download Microsoft Office 365.
  11. To activate windows 10 for free you have two options and here are they. You can either get a copy of Windows 1 for free by upgrading your existing Windows 7 or Windows 8. Yes, Microsoft allows Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to upgrade their system to the latest and greatest Windows 10. The other option is that you activate this Windows by using illegal methods. There are some methods like KMSpico that are able to activate your Windows 10 without any hiccup. But these are not the genuine methods to activate your software. However, you can search KMSpico on Google and use the code to activate your Windows through a cmd file.
  12. Need any technical Help for HP Printer Solution Center? You are at the right location to get wonder alternatives for issues related to your HP printer. We all are here to help you with various HP errors you are getting. HP provide World class Brilliant customer service their users.
  13. If you are not able to reactive your Yahoo account. Yahoo free chat is the ultimate place to avail the straightforward and instant solution. Follow the below-given steps and reactivate Yahoo account: Open your web broswer and go to the sign in page. Now, login your email account with enter your username and password. Now, fill the verification code. Select Re-activate. Also read - https://www.appclonescript.com/top-3-options-recover-yahoo-password/
  14. If you want to clean install Windows 10, you can also select to download windows 10 1903 ISO files from Microsoft and install the operating system through the Update Assistant or media creation tool. If you are looking for easy steps within a proper manner on how to clean install Windows 10, head over to our earlier piece carrying detailed steps and screenshots on the process. Also relevant: How to Activate Windows 10 with a Proper Manner
  15. Windows 10 automatically starts online when you upgrade your device to Windows 10. This permits you to reinstall Windows 10 at any time, without purchasing a license. However, you can use the Microsoft media creation tool to make media bootable to reinstall Windows 10. You can select to make a clean upgrade again. To do so, choose the option "I'm reinstalling Windows 10 on this PC," if you are asked to insert a product key. The installation will continue, and Windows 10 will reboot your existing license. Read More: Windows 10 clean install Upgrade
  16. Having sticky notes for reminders is very helpful but at the same time sticking all of them all around the system makes it look horrible. So for avoiding such a situation, it is better to use the Sticky notes feature which lets you have virtual notes on the system itself. This makes virtual sticky notes very useful. Source:- Access Windows 10 Sticky Notes On Mac norton.com/setup | norton.com/setup | norton.com/setup | mcafee.com/activate | norton.com/setup
  17. Securing your device and dealing with your Norton item is as simple as including another device or gadget in your Norton account. Adhere to these guidelines to introduce or reinstall your Norton item that is enlisted to your record. In the event that you have gotten your Norton item from your specialist organization, at that point read Install Norton from your norton.com/setup. Download and introduce your Norton item on your PC · Sign In to Norton. · On the off chance that you are not marked in to Norton as of now, you will be incited to sign in. Type in your email address and secret key for Norton, and snap Sign In. · In the event that you don't have a record, click Create an Account, and after that total the sign-up procedure. · In the Get Started page, click Download Norton. · On the off chance that you have an item key you have not yet enlisted to your record, click Enter another item key to proceed. · Type the item key and snap >. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to enact the item. To know further steps click below: norton.com/setup|norton.com/setup|norton.com/setup
  18. There is a hell of a difference between spying and hacking. Spying means you need to have software that is been developed by an expert developer in order to use it on the target device to get the information. On the other side hacker is a person or brain that can trace out the loopholes of the particular program and then manipulate it on their terms and conditions. However, internet users cannot make difference between spying and hacking. Hackers can simply infect the information stored on the target computer machines and spying software can help to protect the information stored on the target device. It means none of the viruses may exist in the spy software. Hackers create such kind of viruses in order to steal the account information, financial statements and they use it for Monterey purposes. While on the other side, the spying program needs to install on someone else’s device to make a check on the device to keep something under constant surveillance. Hackers can use the information illegally and pose a serious threat for the target in terms of financial resources. How spying is useful & hacking is illegal? These are quite useful for parents and for employers in particular in order to know the hidden digital activities of young children. On the other hand, hackers could be a serious danger for the state-controlled institutions not because they steal information but they can misuse the information to the third party. In addition, the spying activity in terms of a program enables you to monitor employees work performance. Apart from the spying activities through track a cell phone, hacking activities are seriously punishable in the book of the law of U.S. It says hackers are liable for serious punishment in terms of several years in prison and penalty. On the other side, the activity of spying is not an offensive thing or you can say it is not illegal in the light of U.S law of cybercrime. Software that empowers to perform monitoring doesn’t pose a threat to its users. The intentions of the hackers are always malicious in order to misuse the hacked data or device. They can hijack things in terms of identities of the users of those hacked devices. They may get involved in the terrorist activities and they could have such types of ambitions that could be against the law of the state. Moreover, black hate hackers may get involved in kind of theft online and robberies since the banking sector have been governed by the programming they have become legal for the banking sector. On the other side, spying activities using a program or TheOneSpy monitoring software user can track, monitor and keep children under surveillance till the time they get satisfied to make sure kids online safety. Moreover, you can monitor employee’s productivity and also can prevent any illegal activity happen on the company’s owned devices. Hackers are very talented, but dangerous persons for any country or state. Apart from the dangerous activities they can use their skills for illegal motives but for the protection of their country. Moreover, they can steal the important information in terms of personal data of individuals and agencies, damage their reputation and last but not the least drain then financially to the fullest. However, monitoring program in terms of software enables you to protect the data of the users stored in the devices. In addition, it can also enhance the productivity of the employees due to check and balance that keep the employers updated all the time. Hacker activities are totally against the privacy laws because they steal the information to misuse it later on for financial motives. They can steal the information of the credit cards especially when a user is using their digital devices by sending malicious links and scams. All these kinds of activities of the hackers’ falls under the cyber –crime act. On the other software for spying are legal. It is useful for digital parenting to protect kids and teens from cyber dangers and parenting online is not an illegal act according to U.S law. Under the same law you can spy on your employees having their consent. Bottom Line: It means spying someone is legal for the protection of the target and on the other hand hacking is an illegal act that can steal information to making money or to damage someone’s reputation.
  19. We compiled a short guide about malware and how to tell if you're a victim of cybercrime: https://medium.com/@AiroSecurity/airoav-is-shedding-some-light-on-a-malware-definitions-83a790c920e?source=friends_link&sk=5b5e5c79284126ac2cda40d90d9a2c7c
  20. Nice blog, thanks for sharing, i saw one more blog hackercombat, very informative endpoint security products for business
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    Ethical Hacking Images

    Images of ethical Hacking, which is identified in the weakness of computer systems and / or computer networks and comes with countermeasures that protect weak points
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    Phishing Attacks

    Album about Phishing Attacks, which are the attempting to gain sensitive, confidential information such as usernames, passwords, credit card information, network credentials, and more. By posing as a legitimate individual or institution via phone or email, cyber attackers use social engineering to manipulate victims into performing specific actions—like clicking on a malicious link or attachment—or willfully divulging confidential information.
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    Album of Symbols of Anti Spam Software
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