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  1. After solving the issue. Then, backup system after solving a Windows 10 upgrade stuck issue, using the following given steps: You can download AOMEI backup per, then open it Click Backup & System Backup. To create a disk backup, you just click Disk Backup. Choose a path for your backup. If you want to save it to an external hard drive, you can plug it into the device before you start to create a system image backup. Set up settings if required. Then click Options, Schedule, Scheme as shown in the following window & choose the settings you like. Click Start Backup to move on. Reading the complete post, You may already Fix the Windows 10 Update Stuck issue. Please remember to create a device image or disk image for your PC. Only in this way, your device can always be safe and sound. And your files can keep intact. Read More: Windows Update Stuck Windows 10
  2. Manual Method: Installing the Realtek HD Audio Manager. Realtek HD Audio Manager will be installed on with Realtek Audio Driver. If you are open with Advanced Settings use it to change Audio settings to get better sound experience. If it is missing, the Realtek HD Audio Driver may be corrupted, get it back by Reinstalling the Realtek HD Audio Driver. If you need some device skills and patience to update your drivers this way. Because you need to search exactly the right driver online, download it and install it step by step. You need to visit the Realtek HD Audio Driver official website to find the drivers with your device and then click to download the driver manually. Once you have downloaded the correct drivers for your computer, double-click on the downloading file and you need to follow the on-screen steps to Install Realtek HD Audio Driver. These are the most common solutions for Realtek HD Audio Driver issues. We hope this helped you resolve your Realtek sound issues.
  3. Here’s what to do: You can download and install OUTDATEfighter. It should work on all Windows operating systems. Set the program and click Windows Update from the left side Choose Scan for the update at the bottom Wait while all the available Windows Update is found and listed in the program. Depending on the speed of your device and the number of updates it finds, this could take quite a while to populate Choose the Updates you want to install. To install everything in the Important Updates option, put a check in the box, click to Name; do the same for Optional Updates. To learn more about any particular Update Windows 10, click the small (1) next to it. Choose Install Selected Windows Updates Wait while the program downloads and installs Windows Updates Whether you are told to or not, reboot your device after the Updates are completed installing. To know more details about your Update Windows 10.
  4. If you want to know more about the latest Windows Update and what it contains, make sure to take a look at this post, which we update with every new big release of Windows 10. If you are stuck with Windows 10 Update (Blue) Screen In this case, you will have to force your device to shut down and then start it again. Make sure to be patient doing this: only if it has been frozen for more than 3 hours, then you are safe to do this and it won’t damage your device. You need to press and hold the power button until the PC is completely shut and then power it on manually. Then, press the power button one more time to start your device normally. You may take some time after being forced to shut down, don’t worry and wait until it’s completely up. Now that you have restarted your device, let's go through some checks and solves to make sure the update works next time.
  5. Windows defender security center is the best antivirus for windows, and it comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and free. You don’t need to purchase a subscription to the antivirus. It is considered as one of the best free antiviruses in the market. Only the Avast free version ranks higher than the windows defender. If you are a regular person with regular work, you don’t need fancy antivirus with too many features. Normal browsing, here and there downloads, and other things on your computer would be good if you use Windows defender. You may want to install Malwarebytes as an additional malware protection tool to be sure. Visit More Details: https://getassist.net/windows-security-center-service-cant-be-started-error-fixed/
  6. Realtek high definition audio driver giving high-quality DTS, Dolby, Surround Sound to your computer through the audio card. The software comes with a number of features and functions such as a six-channel Digital to Analog converter that completely supports the 16/20/24 bit pulse code modulation format for 5.1 channel audio. It supports estate analog input to analog output mixer as well as 44.1K/48k/96kHz sony/Philips Digital interconnect format output via which you can connect the output of a DVD player to an external receiver. Related our blog: https://www.rewardbloggers.com/blog/5369/how-to-install-reinstall-realtek-hd-audio-driver-windows-10
  7. You can follow these steps to create a new one. You need to go to Reset Your Password official page Select the reason you require your password reset, then click Next Enter the email address, phone or skype ID you used when you made your Microsoft account. You could use any email address, or an email ending in a Microsoft domain like hotmail.com or outlook.com You can enter the characters you view on the screen, then click Next If you have security information on your account, we will send a one-time code to the alternate phone number or email address you gave us. After you enter that code on the next screen, you will create a new password. Read More: Forget Your Microsoft Account
  8. In this post, we will give the complete steps to Install Windows 10 update manually. Once, you need to visit the Microsoft Update Catalog website in any browser Click on the search box, type the KB number of Windows Update package you wish to install, and hit enter. The result page will list down different versions of Windows 10 update, including 32-bit, 64-bit, ARM, Windows 10 in S mode and others. You need to click the correct version after verifying your computer configurations from Settings > System > About. Then, click the download button and a popup Windows will appear. In the pop-up windows, click the .msu file click to download it. When the file has completed downloading, you can double-click on the .msu file and Window will install the new update. A restart is typically is required to complete the installation process and apply any changes.
  9. The Get Help app provide preinstalled on Windows 10. You need to open it, then press enter “Help” in your Windows taskbar search field, and then click or tap on Get Help. And the other way to open the app is from the Start Button on PC, by clicking or tapping on the Start Button and then pressing on Get Help from the app list. There is also a link to Get help at the bottom of every Setting Page, Under “Have a Question?.” Read more: Get Help Support App in Windows 10
  10. Realtek is one of the best audio drivers available on the market, and it is a full-fledged qualitative package of audio drivers that allows reproduction practically any effects on the audio files. Most OEM windows 10 devices come pre-installed with Realtek high definition audio driver, and you don’t need to install it on your own. But, if you have purchased your copy of windows separately from an offline or an online retailer, you may need to install it. You can download Realtek high definition audio driver for windows 10 using these steps. First, you must open the official Realtek website and then click on the download link. Now, you will see a different page with download links to the driver software. Click on one of the links that are suitable for your operating system to download the driver. Now, you can open the downloaded file and install it on your system. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it without any problem. Also, Read More: Microsoft Easy Assist
  11. It is the most common audio driver available for the windows based systems, and you don’t need to download it. But, if your system doesn’t have it, then you need to download it from their website and install it on your system. To download the driver, you have to follow these simple steps. First, you need to open Realtek or windows website to look for download links. Then, you need to find the download links for the version of windows you are using on our system. After that, you have to download the software the tool on your computer, then open the downloaded file. Follow the on-screen instructions of the installer on your system and you will be able to install it. Once Realtek High definition audio driver for windows 10 is installed on your system, you can listen in to the high-quality DTS, Dolby, and surround sound experience through it. Read More: How to Install Realtek HD Audio Manager
  12. Manually downloading and reinstalling Realtek HD Audio Manager takes some time and expertise, so we always guide you implement an easier method. However, if you still want to manually reinstall your Realtek HD Audio Driver, here’s how you can do it. Step 1: Uninstall Current Driver To ignore duplicate driver conflicts, it is suggested to uninstall the old drivers from before downloading new ones. We will take the same process as earlier: In your taskbar, type and search for ‘Device Manager’. Read More: How to Use Windows 10 Quick Assist?
  13. Before installing Realtek HD Audio Manager, you need to actually know where to search for it. The default installation directory for Realtek should be “C:\Program on device. Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA.” Here is you will search a large number of surely executable (.exe) files on PC, but the one that really matters is “RtkNGUI64”, and you need to double-clicking for open Realtek HD Audio Manager. You can make a difference urgest here to your sound settings that you can’t outside. (for example, click the cog icon, the option, and you can enable the handy feature to make two separate audio devices play sound simultaneously- good if you want to use speakers to listen to game sounds while chatting to other people on a headset. Another useful option is “View Icon on notification area” which will let you access the Realtek HD Audio Manager from the notification area rather than its well-hidden directory. Also, visit here: https://getassist.net/windows-security-center-service-cant-be-started-error-fixed
  14. Generally, you don’t need to install Realtek HD Audio Manager on your system because it comes preinstalled on Windows 10 devices. If it is not installed on your device, you should head over to the Realtek website and download it. Then you have to open the installer and follow the on-screen instructions for the installation process. However, before installing it on your system, you should navigate to Program Files > Realtek > Audio > HDA folder and look for filename as RtkNGUI64, open it. This is the Realtek HD audio Manager Installation file on your system if it is already installed.
  15. Quick assist is a Windows 10 application that helps enable two people to share a computer over a remote connection. By allowing a trusted friend, family member, or Microsoft support person to share your device, you can troubleshoot, diagnose technological issues. And receive instruction on your system.
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