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Top-16 Free Anti-Spyware Programs 2 thinkmobiles.com

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9. AVG Antivirus Free

anti spyware and malware

A popular antivirus that also serves as a spyware/malware/ransomware scanner, automatic killer of viruses, and all of that could be for free. It also provides defense for web browsing and email, full system scans, boot time scans, and more. ‘Deep scan’ feature could also be used against spyware, and you can set it to check files by content and not the extension. It can even cut through 20 archive file types, e.g. ZIP and RAR.

⤓ Download AVG Antivirus Free


  • Pros:
  • Fast scanning
  • Includes antivirus and firewall
  • Low resources use
  • Cons:
  • In basic mode PUA detection is off
  • No cloud scan component
  • User privacy concerns


10. SUPERAntiSpyware

best free spyware removal

In its free version there’s no real-time protection (one has to run scans manually) and no automatic definition updates. However, if you need a tool to remove the spyware that has already infiltrated your PC, SUPERAntiSpyware is great. It scans fast and with full user control of what to scan.

But what is really outstanding, is the option to detect files that have been amended within last 1/5/10 days etc. Then the option to utilize  more CPU to scan faster, to ignore files exceeding 4 MB, to skip files that aren’t .exe. For more go to Supera web page.

⤓ Download SUPERAntiSpyware


  • Pros:
  • Affordable license
  • Low resources use
  • Cons:
  • Poor test results
  • No cloud scan component
  • No self-protection


11. Avast Free Antivirus

anti spyware examples

Although it is a general antivirus in the first place, Avast can detect and remove spyware effectively. With many settings one can tweak its performance, e.g. to block unrecognized files, to scan for potentially unwanted programs (PUP) while excluding folders/files/URLs, to inspect wi-fi connections, to clean junk files, to protect mailing, etc.

⤓ Download Avast Free Antivirus


  • Pros:
  • Additional security tools
  • Free program
  • Good test results
  • Cons:
  • No cloud scan component
  • Unavailable firewall protection
  • Limited privacy tools


12. Spybot Search & Destroy

anti spyware

Spybot is mainly for advanced users, as it offers a full control over settings and protection parameters. Besides typical remove spyware and scan particular files options, there are plenty of outstanding features. ‘Apply immunization’, for instance, blocks threats in browsers, or disable tracking cookies, scan files of any user on a computer.

⤓ Download Spybot Search & Destroy


  • Pros:
  • Big database of malware signatures
  • Registry threat scanner
  • System threat search
  • Cons:
  • Weak file scanner
  • Antivirus module is blocked
  • Defenseless beyond its database


13. Dr.Web CureIT

spyware removal tools

Although it does not offer real-time protection, Dr.Web CureIT tool can disinfect a computer when launched. It includes a set of virus databases and works on that basis. Users should also be aware that this free anti-spyware tool, when scanning, collects and sends statistics and certain data to the publisher. This helps to perfect the program, and includes parameters such as CPU, RAM, operating system, configuration, antivirus, firewall, detected threats.

⤓ Download Dr.Web CureIT


  • Pros:
  • Easy in use
  • Good test results
  • Portable version
  • Cons:
  • No cloud scan component
  • Intensive on resources while scanning
  • No self-protection


14. ESET Smart Security Premium

free antivirus anti-spyware

ESET is one of those companies providing a security suite with extra features along with an antivirus as their main product. Smart Security Premium offers file encryption, password manager, home network scanner, and, of course, malware scanning.

In terms of spyware protection it has this fine feature – ‘webcam control’, meaning that users may enable or disable the webcam for certain instances, or specify which programs have access to the webcam. Besides, this suite has all the same features of ESET Internet Security: email protection/spam filtering, banking and payment protection for browser, etc.

⤓ Download ESET Smart Security Premium


  • Pros:
  • Fast real-time antivirus
  • Data security tools
  • Anti-theft component
  • Cons:
  • Basic mode ignores containers
  • In-depth scan lasts too long
  • Intensive on resources while scanning


15. Spyware Fighter

best spyware protection

If you deal with specific threats such as trojans, hijacking dialers, keylogger spyware etc., another anti-spyware software in the list is this Spyware Fighter. It is good for Windows systems, has the ‘automatic clean’ feature that removes traces of bad files, startup entries. It also monitors a device in real-time, basically to protect from malware infection.

⤓ Download Spyware Fighter


  • Pros:
  • Small size
  • Additional components
  • Easy in use for beginners
  • Cons:
  • No cloud scan component
  • Low privacy & safe tools
  • No self-protection


16. SpyHunter

best anti-spyware

A program by EnigmaSoft from Ireland, who also delivers Total PC Utility, RegHunter, System Medic, etc., and conducts the ongoing research into new types of malware. SpyHunter 5 is essentially an anti-malware tool, with emphasis on constant updates to be able to cope with new threats.

It can detect ransomware, worms, viruses, rootkits, adware, potentially unwanted programs, and other spying software. On the other hand, we can neither praise nor criticize its performance, as we got 39% success rate with it in our test.

⤓ Download SpyHunter


  • Pros:
  • Fast real-time antivirus
  • Privacy scanner
  • Detailed explanation of threats
  • Cons:
  • No threat neutralization in trial
  • No cloud scan component
  • Expensive license price


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