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Top 5 Free Anti Spyware for Android and iPhone 1

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The anti spywares are similar to the antivirus software which helps you to prevent and block malware infections or any other spyware on your cell phones. The anti spyware software monitor your incoming data like emails, websites, downloaded files etc and stop the spyware programs from getting enter in your mobile phone. It also monitors different apps installed on your mobile and notifies you whenever any new spyware or if it find any suspicious activity on your phone. In this article, you will know about the anti spy mobile free available on internet.


Top 5 Free Anti Spyware for Android and iPhone

These days anyone can get access of your mobile phones and control all the features or messages of your phone. Anyone can use any spy tool to keep monitor on your daily activities and you won't even know about as these spywares runs in the background and steal your all information silently. So here are top 5 anti spy mobile free apps available for you on the internet, you can download them to keep your mobile and documents safe.

1. Anti Spy Mobile Free

If you have any doubt or fear or you just want to prevent your phone from being spy by someone either by your Gf/bf, wife/husband or anyone then you can download this app without any confusion. This anti spy mobile free app is compatible with android devices.


  • Best app to protect your super sensitive information
  • More reliable
  • Automatically handle all tasks to prevent your phone from spywares


  • Difficult to use
  • Compatible with Android devices only
  • To use all the features, you need to use paid version


  • Free of cost

Anti Spy Mobile Free

2. iAmNotified – Anti Spy System

With this app, you will know if someone is spying on your device. If you set any password or not this app will work to prevent your device. It will also let you know by giving notification if someone is trying to use or spy your phone while you are looking into your phone. You will know if someone is monitoring or spying you either your parents or friends. Basically you will never know if someone is spying on you but with this anti spy mobile free app you can check and block someone who is spying or trying to spy your device. This app is compatible with iOS 10.0 or later versions.


  • The simplest app ever
  • Have double function to catch anyone spying your device or to tell anyone that you are monitoring them
  • History log automatically update, so no bypassing of the mobile


  • Only available for iOS


  • $2.99


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