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Message Spy Remover: 7 Ways to Remove Message Spyware 1

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Part 1. Top 7 Message Spy Remover Software in 2018

We have gathered a list of the most popular and effective message spyware remover for the mobile phones to put a stop to the spying apps and keep your information private and secure.

1. Anti Spy Mobile Pro

This amazing app is very effective as message spy remover app. Usually, it is our significant others who spy on our mobile phones. But with this app, you can prevent them from monitoring or tracking your phone keeping your secrets safe and secure.

Key Features of Anti Spy Mobile Pro:

  • This app has an advanced security system which helps to protect the super sensitive information.
  • The app has an automatic system to prevent all the spyware technologies from your phone.


  • The app has a complex interface which makes it difficult to use.
  • It is only compatible with Android device.
  • It is important that you buy the paid version to have full access to the features.

Compatible OS system:

  • It is only compatible with Android version 2.0 and above.

Anti Spy Mobile Pro

2. Device Administrator Detector

The Device Administrator Detector tool is used to enhance the security features of a device such as a password strength, device lock, etc. Whether you are using this app as a message spy remover or GPS tracker remover, it will be effective in preventing any kind of tracking activity on your device.

Key Features of Device Administrator Detector:

  • This app will find out which apps is device admin.
  • It can also effectively uninstall the application of device admin.
  • Supportive and innovative design and UI.


  • It will show some troubles for the normal users to uninstall an app with admin activation.

Compatible OS system:

  • This is only supported by Android OS with version 4.0.3 and above.

Device Administrator Detector

3. Privacy Scanner(Anti Spy)

The Privacy Scanner is a reliable message spy remover which tells the user that they are being monitored by someone. It can be your friend or family who installed some spying software on your phone. But this app will determine that you have a spying app installed on your phone even if the app is hidden. It is mainly used to check whether your phone has any parental control or surveillance app installed in it.

Key Features of Privacy Scanner:

  • It has a simple design with the optional scan.
  • It can detect SpyBubble, eBlaster Mobile, UonMap Spy, and many more apps.
  • It uses the Google analytics to search for spyware apps on your phone.


  • It is only available for Android operating systems.

Compatible OS system:

  • It is compatible with Android OS with version 2.2 and up.

Privacy Scanner


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