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​​​​​​​SQL injection types

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SQL injection types
There are several types of SQL injection, but they all involve an attacker inserting arbitrary SQL into a web application database query. The simplest form of SQL injection is through user input. Web applications typically accept user input through a form, and the front end passes the user input to the back-end database for processing. If the web application fails to sanitize user input, an attacker can inject SQL of their choosing into the back-end database and delete, copy, or modify the contents of the database.

An attacker can also modify cookies to poison a web application's database query. Cookies store client state information locally, and web applications commonly load cookies and process that information. A malicious user, or malware, can modify cookies to inject SQL into the back-end database.

Server variables such as HTTP headers can also be used as a SQL injection attack vector. Forged headers containing arbitrary SQL can inject that code into the database if the web application fails to sanitize those inputs as well.

Second-order SQL injection attacks are the sneakiest of the bunch, because they aren't designed to run immediately, but much later. A developer who correctly sanitizes all their input against an immediate attack may still be vulnerable to a second-order SQLi when the poisoned data is used in a different context.

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