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How to prevent email from going to spam: Use spam checkers or spam filters testing

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How to prevent email from going to spam: Use spam checkers or spam filters testing

What is a Spam Checker or a Spam Filter Test?

Even if you follow all of the above best practices, inevitably you may have missed something, or even more likely is that there might be something going on that you could have never caught with the naked eye. In fact, 70% of emails show at least one spam-related issue that could impact deliverability.

That’s why it’s so important to run spam tests to check the potential of your email being delivered to both the ISP and the ultimate inbox.

Unlike your naked eye, or even your picky colleagues’ eye, a spam test reviews your email to determine whether different spam filters will flag it and keep it out of inboxes.The test looks at everything from the content of your email, subject lines, where you are sending it from, and your domains reputation. To use our bouncer analogy from before, it’s like showing up hours before the evening gets started to have your bouncer pre-approve you for access. It might not always work but it certainly gives you some assurances you didn’t have before.

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