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10 Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress in 2019 1

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Do you own a website? Do you own a blog page? Maybe your website contains a product/service review page with a smooth commenting section on it?

If you own a website and it has a comment section for your viewers/visitors, the one thing that you should be looking out for is unwanted network traffic that leaves spam messages on your website. Spam can play a vital role in creating detachment of your avid users and can result in a major decline for your online presence.

When we talk about spam, it can be anything. From an audio/video post on cleaner agents to an advertisement for purchasing a house; anything that does not relate to the content posted on your website is precisely nothing more but a spam message.

However, WordPress have a massively simplified digital businesses. With its increasing popularity, you can almost find any kind of plugin in its respective repository. Today, we are going to talk about some of the best anti-spam plugins for your WordPress website that can make your day-to-day life hassle-free and give you an amazing user-experience.

Although, you can go ahead and perform your individual-level research; however, it may cost a lot of your precious time. Therefore, we have simply saved you the trouble of doing that and picked out the best anti-spam plugins for WordPress.

So without further ado, let’s delve in and see which anti-spam plugins are taking the largest market share.

Top WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

Akismet plugin

One of the most popular anti-spam plugins on WordPress is Akismet. That’s because Akismet performs all of its activities from a centralized server that keeps a thorough check on unwanted spam messages being posted on your WordPress website. This plugin has been designed by Automattic, the people who created WordPress. It is one of the many reasons why you should not bother yourself with compatibility. This plugin will automatically be updated by WordPress.

The only downside of using Akismet is that if your server fails to connect with the centralized Akismet server, your website will be vulnerable to spam messages. Configurations are a bit limited, making it a preferred choice among simple users.

Akismet is available in the WordPress repository for free. However, if you wish to use it for commercial purposes, then you can purchase their business license at $5 – 50/ month.

Download Akismet https://wordpress.org/plugins/akismet/

Anti-Spam Bee

When it comes to addressing reliability and effectiveness, Antispam Bee is a one-stop solution for unwanted spam comments. Not only that, but it also keeps IP address trackbacks so the incoming spammers can’t enter your domain, the next time they choose to spam. All incoming users are validated and synchronized with a centralized server.

It contains a built-in notification system to keep you updated about spam comments and it automatically wipes clean your spam folders for you. This plugin is absolutely free and can be found in the WordPress Repository.

Download Antispam Bee https://wordpress.org/plugins/antispam-bee/

WanGuard plugin

If you are looking to block spam registrations on your WordPress website, then WangGuard is a free WordPress anti-spam plugin that you can make use of. Irrespective of the type of WordPress website you own, WangGuard offers you complete safety from spam users registering an account on your website.

The downside of using WangGuard is that it only denies access to spammers from opening up an account on your website. It does not offer any such protection from comment spam made by pre-registered accounts. Though, WangGuard does allow you to add extensions which can further protect your registration page, thereby making your website more secure. By becoming a gateway for your website registrations, it performs its duties respectively.

The plugin is absolutely free and can be found in the WordPress Repository.

Download WangGuard https://wordpress.org/plugins/wangguard/

WordPress Zero Spam plugin

While most websites will inquire users to fill out CAPTCHAs in order to confirm that they exist and are not spams, WordPress zero minimizes the courtesy of spam occurrence by filling out the extra fields in your form.

WordPress Zero Spam is only compatible with a few supported plugins such as Contact Form 7, Gravity Form, Ninja Form and BuddyPress. It is only available in English Language. It offers a spam-free environment for your WordPress website.

This plugin is also available for free in the WordPress Repository. You can easily download it from there.

Download WordPress Zero Spam https://wordpress.org/plugins/zero-spam/

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