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How to Avoid Spam User Registration in WordPress 2

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Email Verification 

Email Verification is one of the ways to block spammers without the use of additional plugins on your website. You need to install the WPForms plugin and enable the User Email Activation option from your Add-ons tab. The plugin prompts all users who sign up on your website to check their email inboxes and click the verification link to complete their registration.

Admin Approval 

Websites that require admin approval are less prone to hackers as every sign up is manually checked by admins of a website. This way all genuine users are approved while spammers are rejected.   

To enable Admin Approval, you need to do the following:   

Head to the Settings page of your WordPress website    
Select User Activation Method on the preview panel on the right    
Select Manual Approva

l If you are too slow at approving users, it will adversely affect the user-experience of your website.  Make sure that you have enough website admins to quickly approve or reject all new requests. Each time a new user signs up, you will receive an email from WordPress notifying you of the same. 

Secure User Registration Forms 

By default, WordPress sign up forms are very simplistic and only require an email address and a password to be set to sign up. If you want to allow users to your website you should create a custom user registration form for added security against spammers. You can use the WPForms User Registration Addon to create custom security forms. The User Registration Addon is a paid plugin that you can install to WPForms. To set up a secure user form, do the following:    

Download the WPForms plugin    
Head to WPForms > Add-ons    
Select the User Registration Addon    
Create a User Registration Form using the provided tools    
Setup CAPTCHAs or Honeypots for added security    
Save the form 

Once done, all new users will be required to fill up the form before getting a subscription to your website. Ensure that your form is simple to understand and can easily be filled up by anyone interested in accessing your website. 

Block IP addresses of spammers 

All computers on the internet have unique IP addresses. If you have been facing lots of spam on your website you need to do the following:    

Head to the Notifications panel from your WordPress Settings menu    
Click on ‘Show Smart Tags’ under Message    

Click on ‘User IP Address’ and note down the IP addresses of all spammers 

You can send these IP addresses to your web hosting company to block them from accessing your website. Alternatively, you can use plugins like ‘IP Ban’ that allows you to block IP addresses yourself from your WordPress settings. 

Implementing the right measures can allow you to prevent and remove spam from your website for good. You want to have enough protection to prevent spammers, but not too many security measures in place that might hinder upon your audience’s user-experience. The above tips should help you ward off spammers and keep your WordPress free from spam and offer your users a clean experience.


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